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what the hell. I'm bored.

1. Are you awesome? I have more awesome in my little finger than most "awesome" people do in their whole body.
2. What makes you awesome? a better question is - what doesn't make me awesome?
3. Name the most awesome thing on earth, besides Club Awesome. hello? me. duh.
4. Do you enjoy internet porn? why would I need internet porn? if I wanted to see some action I'd get it myself.
5. Are you obsessed with yourself, and your looks? sometimes, but I think it's in the job description. I kind of have to be or no one would pay me to make them beautiful.
6. Tell us in 50 words or less, why you would make a good addition to Club Awesome. mostly because I'm so fucking awesome. but also because I'll never post anything stupid.
7. Post a picture that will make us laugh (It can�t be of you).

if that doesn't count...

8. Post a picture of yourself!

it's old, what can I say?
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