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yea so yea can i be in.

so yea i went on tour with forever is forgotten in the the months of october and november, it was a westcoast tour. utah,idaho,portland,california,az,vegas,texas ect ect.
here are some pics

me playing swords with scot in the middle of nevada when the vans brakes went out and the gas pedal got stuck down. it was scary. but we had fun no matter what.

cj and i.

me trying to fix the brakes in a parking lot in boise idaho.

me finishing the brakes and happy about what i have accomplished, the tattoo on my butt reads "I AM AWESOME" and yes it is real.

i didnt really feel like doing the questions. cause eh the pics are funny as it is. but if makes you guys that mad that i didnt do them. i will do them.
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