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If we weren't us

We would wish we were

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To join “Club Awesome” simply copy/paste the following application in Club Awesome’s community, fill it out completely with answers that apply to you...Not to someone more awesome than yourself.

The Application
1. Are you awesome? (if you answer no, please don’t bother with the applications)
2. What makes you awesome?
3. Name the most awesome thing on earth, besides Club Awesome.
4. Do you enjoy internet porn?
5. Are you obsessed with yourself, and your looks?
6. Tell us in 50 words or less, why you would make a good addition to Club Awesome.
7. Post a picture that will make us laugh (It can’t be of you).
8. Post a picture of yourself!

Once you post your application a group of judges will vote...Either "yes" they think you are awesome, or "no" they think you're fucking lame.
After the judges have voted, one of the two mods will make the last vote, to prove if you are infact AWESOME.

DO NOT Vote or comment on someones post in Club Awesome, unless you are an already stamped member!!!!

Once you are in Club Awesome you are automatically a cerified Awesome judge. You decide if the next group of applicants are awesome or not. And once you are admitted to Club Awesome feel free to post about anything...As long as it's awesome

Alot of members seem to create their own approved/rejected stamps for fun. IF YOU RECEIEVE AN UN-OFFICIAL STAMP, FROM A MEMBER, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE EXCEPTED! You must recieve one of the following OFFICIAL stamps who are given out by either moderators vagi_na or lardking